Condos vs. houses – the age-old question. But condos are becoming more and more popular for urbanites for a reason. As the real estate industry grows, so do the standards that developers must uphold. In recent years, condo communities have become dynamic, lifestyle-oriented hubs to live, work, and play. 

Here are 10 of the best things about condo living!

1. Amenities

From party rooms and gyms to coworking spaces and media lounges, more and more condos are offering unique amenities to enhance your lifestyle experiences. 

2. Low Maintenance

No yard, no problem! Condos are famously low-maintenance, removing the need to worry about landscaping, upkeep, or even annual tasks like having your ducts cleaned. 

3. Security

Modern technology makes it easier than ever to keep a safe community. Paired with on-site security, cameras, electronic locks, and video doorbells to the lobby, residents have peace of mind. 

4. Investments

With such a hot market, it’s the perfect time to invest in your future. Condos are seeing record appreciation levels, meaning your home will be worth more by the time you’re ready to sell. 

5. Professional Management

From common areas to repairs, professional Property Management companies make condo living hassle-free.

6. Environmentally Responsible

Our cities are growing as fast as our populations. Condo buildings avoid urban sprawl and have heightened heat retention when compared to detached or semi-detached homes.

7. Building Quality

Condo buildings are obligated to obtain risk assessment at set intervals to ensure that the structural integrity of the building is optimal, without needing your supervision.

8. Lower Costs

Between a generally lower purchase price to lower insurance and better utilities, condo living is more affordable overall. 

9. Better Locations

By taking up a smaller footprint, condos can fit into already bustling cities. The majority of condo communities are centrally-located, selected to provide residents with the best amenities and connections.

10. Versatile Size

With options as small as a studio apartment and as large as a 3-bedroom, all within a relatively standard price range, condos offer more flexible sizes to suit every stage of life.