It’s the perfect solution for adventurous souls. If you often find yourself packing up for vacation, scrambling for someone to shovel snow or mow the lawn while you’re away, a “Lock and Leave” lifestyle is perfect for you. 

Most commonly found in condo buildings, lock and leave means that you can simply lock the door and head off on your next trip at the drop of a hat, without worrying about maintenance, security, or how long you’ll be away. 

Condo corporations clean and prune the exterior and common areas of your building, eliminating the need for continued maintenance, as well as keeping an eye on any issues with electricity, plumbing, and ventilation. 

With maintenance taken care of, home automation is the next step towards your freedom. New features like remote controlled thermostats, lighting, and leak alerts give homeowners the best control while away. Did you forget to turn the heat down on your way out the door? Did you leave the lights on? No fear – you can turn it off from across the globe. 

The final element to a lock and leave lifestyle is enhanced security. Leaving home for weeks has always increased the risk of burglary or trespassing. Without someone to house-sit, there’s no guarantees. But with high-tech security systems, in-suite video monitoring, you can have the peace of mind to know your home is undisturbed, and enjoy your vacation worry free.