Pickering is growing rapidly as a new metropolitan centre, making it a hot market for investment opportunities. As more and more people look towards the East as a great place to start a family, here are 10 things to know about what makes this the perfect place to invest. 

  1. Growth

With the influx of families moving out of the city and the new Seaton development to the north, Pickering is experiencing rapid growth.

  1. Population 

As of 2022, a population of just over 90k is expected to increase by almost 100,000 people by 2031. 

  1. Established

As a city that’s been in place for many decades, Pickering has the infrastructure and support of a well-established community.

  1. Competitive 

The market is hot, and Pickering is no exception. Homes are consistently sold over asking, and with no sign of slowing, equity is guaranteed.

  1. Desirable 

With dozens of schools, hundreds of restaurants, and family-friendly suburban neighbourhoods close to the lake, this is one of the most desirable places for people to settle down.

  1. Economy 

Seaton is introducing over 30,000 new jobs to the North, adding to the thriving local economy with national and international companies housed in the area.

  1. Education 

With over 56% of the adult population holding a post-secondary certification, and the nearby opportunities of Durham College and Downtown education, Pickering has a highly skilled labour force.

  1. Land

Over 800 acres of land lies within the Pickering Innovation Corridor, inviting countless new opportunities to diversify an investment portfolio.

  1. Location

Between the lake, pristine conservation, and easy access to Downtown Toronto, everything is within a short drive, and transit is always closeby. 

  1. Price 

With prices far lower than Toronto, yet currently increasing, this is the perfect climate for a smart investment. Get in while the price is right, and see big returns on your property.