Couples workouts can be a great way to strengthen your relationship and your body at the same time. A fun, engaging way to spend time together, workouts are a great way to set joint goals, keep each other accountable, build trust, and encourage one another. Here are some quick tips to set you up for a successful couples workout

Be Patient

Everybody has a different fitness level, and improves at a different rate. It’s important to keep that in mind when setting your goals and as you progress. A great way to keep your patience is to take turns while working out, one partner performing a set of exercises while the other rests, and vice versa. 

Be Flexible

Having a goal is great, but nothing is set in stone. If either of you are struggling, it’s okay to re-evaluate your goals and make more realistic ones. Pushing yourself too hard to try to meet an unrealistic standard can strain your relationship rather than strengthen it – the same goes for bodies!

Be Encouraging

Whether it’s a quick compliment or cheering your partner on as they push through the last set of exercises, encouragement is essential. You’re in this together!

Be Together

This might sound obvious, but many people find themselves distracted while working out. This is a time to be together, and it’s important to be present. Consider trying some exercises that require two people in order to get closer – literally, and figuratively!  Exercises like hook squats are a challenge you tackle together, and you share in the success (or failure). And there’s nothing quite like the victories made with someone you love.