Sometimes the best way to stay healthy is to take it easy. As we age, our joints aren’t what they used to be – but thankfully, there are countless ways to stay in shape without straining your knees and back. Low impact workouts are a great way to increase cardio, flexibility, and strength with a much lower risk of injury!

What counts as low impact? Any exercise where at least one foot stays on the ground at all times. This provides higher stabilization, reducing any jarring motions to your joints. Some of the most popular types of low impact workouts include yoga, aerobics, weight lifting, and even things like walking and cycling! 

The most important thing to consider before finding the right workout for you is what your goal is. If you want to increase your flexibility, try some yoga! If you want to up your stamina, try using an elliptical, or cycling! If it’s strength you’re after, think about picking up some weights! And a gym membership or personal trainer can greatly increase your gains while further reducing the risks. 

But always remember – nobody knows your body as well as you do. Do what feels right, and don’t push yourself past your limits.